Financial Calm and Confidence

The best financial relationships occur when your wealth advisor is interested not just in investing your money, but in investing in your life. Manisha Thakor on helping clients achieve financial clarity, calm and confidence through the process of true wealth management. Financial Calm and Confidence from The BAM ALLIANCE on Vimeo.

Quick Take: Waiting for Rates to Rise

Brian Haywood Nobody really knows exactly when, or by how much, interest rates will rise. But that likelihood is already priced into the market. Director of Fixed Income Brian Haywood on what you need to know if they do, and why sticking to your strategy will pay off in the end. Waiting for Interest Rates…

Quick Take: What Is a Bond Ladder

Blerina Hysi, Fixed Income Portfolio Advisor, BAM Advisor Services Laddered bond portfolios can be customized to meet each investor’s unique needs. Plus, they help reduce the risk associated with investing in fixed income. Fixed Income Portfolio Advisor Blerina Hysi on the benefits of a well-structured bond ladder. Quick Take: What is a Bond Ladder from…

Fixed Income Quick Take: What Is Duration?

Steve Wiechel, Fixed Income Advisor, Buckingham Explaining duration. Fixed Income Advisor Steve Wiechel with the ins and outs of bond price sensitivity, using higher coupon bonds to lower duration and targeting the duration to best combine yield and volatility. Quick Take: What is Duration from The BAM ALLIANCE on Vimeo.

Lessons From 2013 With Larry Swedroe

In this video, Larry Swedroe reviews lessons from 2013. Lessons from 2013 with Larry Swedroe from The BAM ALLIANCE on Vimeo. Copyright © 2014, The BAM ALLIANCE. This material and any opinions contained are derived from sources believed to be reliable, but its accuracy and the opinions based thereon are not guaranteed. The content of…

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