Achieving Financial and Life Goals

How might taxes impact my savings? Do I have the right insurance should something unthinkable happen?
Does my estate plan reflect my desire to assist my family?

There is a mountain of evidence – including an academic-based investment strategy – that is the foundation of how we scientifically invest our clients’ wealth so they can sleep well at night, focus on what matters most, and ignore the hype of Wall Street.

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Is a Million Bucks Enough to Retire?

  • May 17th, 2018

Tim Maurer offers a simple retirement stress test and asks what is perhaps the better question: What number works for you? “Wow, those guys must be millionaires!” I can recall uttering those words as a child, driving by the nicest house in our neighborhood—you know, the one with four garages filled with cars from Europe. The…

A Long-Term Perspective on the Stock Market Downturn

  • February 10th, 2018

After years of little volatility, the market’s ups and downs might have you feeling uneasy. But a long-term perspective from Chief Investment Officer Jared Kizer provides some context on the stock market downturn. Prior to Feb. 2, 2018, the stock market had been through a remarkably tranquil period. Since that date, the U.S. stock market…

How to Manage Your Money in 2018

  • February 2nd, 2018

Tim Maurer visits with the TODAY show to discuss managing debt, saving for the future and investing long-term. With markets hitting record highs and a new tax plan in place, there’s a lot in play when it comes to balancing your finances. Tim Maurer visits with the TODAY show’s Sheinelle Jones and Craig Melvin to…

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